Emergency Dental Care

  24 Hour Care Dr. Georgacopolous is available for your emergency dentistry care 24 hours a day. With our professional staff, modern equipment, and the latest dental treatments and procedures, we’re here to help you get out of pain and resume your regular daily activities.

  Toothache?  If you have a toothache or other dental emergency in the Mokena, Illinois area, Dr. Chrisoula Georgacopoulos at Axion Dental is available for convenient same-day appointments.  We accept many dental insurances, offer convenient hours and have flexible payment options if you don’t have dental insurance. Our in-office dental savings plan is a great option as well. Learn more here.  Axion Dental is committed to giving you the care you need.  Quickly.

  Precautions to avoid accident and injury to your teeth:

  • Wear a mouthguard when participating in sports or recreational activities.
  • Avoid chewing ice, popcorn kernels and hard candy, all of which can crack a tooth.
  • Use scissors, NEVER your teeth, to cut things.

When in doubt, have it checked out!  Our staff is here to help you with your dental emergency.  Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and to get out of pain.

  Tips for Emergencies

  • For a knocked-out permanent or adult tooth, keep it moist at all times. If you can, try placing the tooth back in the socket without touching the root. If that’s not possible, place it in between your cheek and gums, in milk, or use a tooth preservation product that has is approved by the ADA.  Then, contact our office right away.
  • For a cracked tooth, immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area. Put cold compresses on the face to keep any swelling down.
  • If you bite your tongue or lip, clean the area gently with water and apply a cold compress.
  • For toothaches, rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out. Gently use dental floss to remove any food caught between the teeth. Do not put aspirin on the aching tooth or gum tissues.
  • For objects stuck in the mouth, try to gently remove with floss but do not try to remove it with sharp or pointed instruments.

When you have a dental emergency, it’s important to contact our office as soon as possible.  (708) 995-7495

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Dental Emergencies Can Be Serious!


ER visits where Dental Cavities were the first-listed diagnosis


Inpatient Hospital stays where Dental Abscess was the principal diagnosis


Dental-related ER visits for 18-44 year olds

Dr. Georgacopoulos and her staff welcome you to Axion Dental Care, where dental artistry meets caring hands. Whether you’re a familiar face around our office, or brand new to the neighborhood, we want you to feel welcome when you’re here.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your dental needs.  (708) 995-7495.